No Sympathy For the Devil

I’m at Dev Days this morning after a fun night out. We booked into the Moore Hotel in downtown which I think is the coolest place to stay in town. The hallway carpets on our floor were done in leopard print and they origami’d our towels into a sleeping dog! For real. I had no idea you could make animals out of towels (the dog at the Moore looked way better than the one on this link).

We made good time getting down so we went out and found a place called The Frontier Room that has heaps of tasty meats on their menu as well as a beer list to rival the Alibi Room back in Vancouver. Two dudes with guitars came on later to do a cover band thing. They sounded much like the Barenaked Ladies which got interesting when they started into a Flock of Seagulls song.

Our group wasn’t feeling like sleeping after The Frontier Room so we wandered over to The Whisky Bar for a couple more local beers. One thing about Seattle is every place has a fantastic selection of beers on tap. I’m not sure what it is but I do know I love going out every time I’m in Seattle. Things seems to be more chilled out and funkier down here.

The morning’s been good so far. Joel Spolsky talked about adding features to an application in an elegant way so apps can hide their complexity under a simpler interface. Then Scott Hanselman showed us the new MVC framework in I kinda got lost halfway through when he jumped into all the advanced stuff but it was interesting to see what’s happening in the Microsoft web development world.

Now I’m watching an iPhone development presentation and I’m going to stop writing so I can watch this. It’s been pretty interesting so far.

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