It’s Showtime People!

Our band, My Friend Lisa is doing our first “show” tonight. I put “show” in quotes since we’re just playing at Reilly’s place in front of a bunch of our (hopefully) drunken friends. I’m hoping they’re drunk since I’m kinda nervous about playing in front of people. I’m excited too and it’s going to be tonnes of fun.

If you’re not in town and you’re not busy rocking out at a New Years event then you can check out the show as we stream it online. Keep an eye on for details.

If you are in town and don’t have New Years plans (shameful!) then you should come down to Reilly’s place toot de suite! I’m not sure when we’re actually going to play. My best guess is sometime between 8:30 and 10pm.

I’m Not Doing a Best of 2009 Retrospective

Instead I’m linking to the one done by Ian Rogers:

Ian Rogers is a year older than me and has already accomplished more than I’m likely to in my lifetime. He’s worked closely with the Beastie Boys, been GM of Yahoo, and has launched Topspin Media which is an online marketing platform for bands. The Everybody, the band recently launched by Joey Santiago and David Lovering of The Pixies, use Topspin’s platform to sell and market their new album (which I bought on the day of its release). So ya, this guy gets to work with members of the Pixies and the Beastie Boys.

I ran across his blog a while ago and have been an avid reader ever since. He’s got a good head for what’s happening in the music business and has launched his company to take advantage of the new paradigm of marketing music in the online world.

At any rate, he’s in tune with the new music so his 2009 list is worth checking out; however, the real treasure in that post is the link to his daughter’s MIT radio show where she goes through her best of 2009 music. Scroll to the bottom of Ian’s blog post to get a streaming copy of Zoe’s radio show.

Goodbye Vic Chesnutt

I’m just about to head to bed after a quiet but nice Christmas day. As I was closing things down on the laptop I noticed a headline: “Vic Chesnutt, Singer and Songwriter, Dies at 45.”

I saw Vic Chesnutt perform with his band at the end of November, not even a month ago, so it’s a shock to hear that he passed away. He was a talented artist and it’s a shame more people didn’t get a chance to see him perform.

On a more positive note I hope everyone had a good Christmas day today. This weekend I’m hooking up with friends who are in the area and then I’m heading for Vancouver on Tuesday.

Chopper Reid’s Christmas Poem

It’s been a chill Christmas in the Okanagan so far. Wednesday I sailed over the Coquihalla and into Westbank to visit Tamara. We caught up on all our adventures over dinner and a couple of pints at Kelly O’Brians and then checked out her sweet new pad that overlooks the lake. Her place has some layouts that are similar to mine, only the people who built it laid it out way better than my place! When it comes time to renovate my kitchen and bathroom I have a much better idea of what I want to do now.

Now I’m in Vernon hanging out with my Mom. I brought my electronic drum kit down since our band, My Friend Lisa, is going to be doing our first show for a pack of friends at Reilly and Miranda’s New Years eve party. I’m a little nervous, but excited to finally be in front of an audience. Our last couple of jams went well so it should sound alright. Now I just have to practice lots and make sure I’m on my game when we play.

This weekend I’m meeting up with a couple of friends who are in the area for the holidays. There’s also turkey to eat and some Whistler Brewing beer to drink with our neighbor who’s a pretty fun guy to hang out with. So it’ll be good times! Coming back on the 29th assuming the roads are in good shape. With any luck they’ll be as good as they were coming out here.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Christmas is Coming

I’m sitting in Re-Entry having a peppermint tea while I wait for my car to get tuned up and checked over in preparation for my drive to Kelowna tomorrow. I’m spending the night in Kelowna to give me a chance to hang out with Tamara and also to break up the drive a little bit. If the conditions warrant it then I’ll be taking the Hope Princeton into the interior. The Coquihalla can be a muppet show at this time of year but I’ll check conditions tomorrow morning to see if it’s passable with the mighty Civic. Right now it looks pretty good. Only a few reports of possible flurries and the webcams show decent conditions.

Our band jammed last night and we’re starting to get nice and tight again. We’ve tentatively talked about doing a little show at Reilly and Miranda’s new years party which means I need to practice my ass off over the Christmas holidays. I’m thinking I’m going to throw the Yamaha drum kit into the car and play it while I’m in Vernon. It’s an electronic kit so it doesn’t make much noise.

The past couple of weeks have been busy for me. I’m making a move back to my old company downtown in the new year and arranging that took up most of my time. I like the company I just left – some great people there – so making the decision to leave was tough. There were a few nights of tossing and turning which threw me off my game for a while. Now that everything’s settled I feel like life has gotten back to normal.

So it’s the rush to Christmas. Last night I realized I’m leaving tomorrow which makes this a busy day for me. I think I’ve caught up on most of the important stuff but I’ve got a bunch of running around to do when I get my car back. Good thing traffic has chilled out. I decided against doing any shopping on the weekend since I knew it would be  a donkey circus.

I had Christmas cards but never put them in the mail so I’m going to keep them for next year. Every year I have the best intentions to send those monsters but it never seems to happen. I think it’s because I’m not a big Christmas person. It always feels so far off that I think I’ve got loads of time to sort things out and then before I know it I’m only a couple of days away and all the shipping deadlines have long since passed. doh!

My almond croissant is finished. Time for a walk down Main Street…

I’m a Grown Up Now

For the second time this week I went down to Ikea and got stuff for my house. Last Friday I had a few friends over for a BBQ. Knowing that my place is not very well set up for people I had to keep the crowd small and it was a good thing because I realized that it’s not comfortable to have more than about 6 people over at once, especially if everyone’s eating.

Sunday I stormed into Ikea with a list of furnishings including more lighting (desperately needed given the early darkness in winter), a rug (so people can actually stand on something other than bare cement), and a proper coffee table for everyone to eat on and place drinks on. The hand-me-down side table (2′ square) wasn’t going to cut it!

Ikea only had a light for me, everything else was sold out, but after I put the light in and ditched the old chair that was being held together with canary yellow duct tape the entire living room began to look like somewhere comfortable to hang out in! For the first time in my life I felt like I had a place of my own that I could bring people over to.

Tonight I bought the rug and the coffee table and now my place looks like a cozy pad! Man, I can’t wait to have peeps over to see it now.

Next things on the list: shelving for the storage area upstairs so my camping gear doesn’t sit in a big jumble beside the washer/dryer. Then I need to get the closets set up.

And the busyness continues…

So ya, still busy! Home has been this place that I eat and sleep at. Otherwise I don’t seem to spend much time here. Unless I’m watching Fugazi videos posted on Carrie Brownstein’s blog.

Tonight was the Amenities Building meeting that I attend now that I’m in charge of keeping the music room organized. We got all three music rooms painted last weekend with a bunch of help from all the music people. The whole place hadn’t had much love in the past 8 years so it was pretty rough. The painting has done wonders!

So the weekend was like this: Friday night I helped load up the UHaul that Reilly and Miranda were using to move their house with. Saturday morning we did the painting thing in the music studios until about 3pm and then I went over to help with the second load of stuff from Reilly and Miranda’s old place. That night there was a party I was going to attend but I was bushed. Sunday I helped Reilly paint and then over to IKEA with everyone for furniture shopping which involved more loading and unloading of stuff at Reilly’s.

Busy weekend but I enjoyed all the activity. I’m not as sore as I thought I’d be either.

Tomorrow night might be a band jam, then Thursday night there’s some sort of thing going on at the Alibi Room with some friends. Friday there’s a housewarming at Reilly and Miranda’s and I’ll be splitting my time between that and our building’s Christmas party. T Riley’s playing at the Christmas party which I’m looking forward to. Her show at the Railway was awesome and I’d like to check out her band again.

Then a blessedly quiet weekend! I’m sure I’ll fill it up with stuff…