Matt Anderson Rocks the Kitchen Party

Monday night Sharon and I braved a 3-hour lineup to get into the Kitchen Party at Atlantic House again. We even had to put up with some boneheaded hippy in front of us who got incredibly annoying after a while. I’m generally pretty friendly and patient with people but after the first hour I started wondering if I could convince her that she’d be much better person to talk with if she had a strip of duct tape applied to her mouth.

The sore feet and the annoyance of dealing with stupid hippies melted away once we got inside and I had a glass of Gahan House Island Red Amber Ale in my hand. We were just in time to see Mary Barry again and I enjoyed her laid back jazz set even though her drummer didn’t appear this time. I was hoping to see him again since he was so talented when I saw him on Sunday night.

When Matt Anderson, a whale of a man who plays blues guitar, got onstage I thought it was going to be a good show but I had no idea! That dude can shred on his guitar! His band was solid and between him and his other guitar player they put on one of the best blues shows I’ve ever seen. I kept thinking of Led Zeppelin and Jimmy Page while Matt made his guitar shriek and squeal at us.

Rawlins Cross was the headliner and the crowd noticeably thinned after everybody was pummeled by Matt Anderson’s performance. Their show was good too although much mellower than Matt’s. Their bagpipe player was my favorite to watch but the whole band was quite fun. I’m glad I saw their show! As the clock approached 1am Sharon and I snuck out. She had to work in the morning and I was feeling pretty wiped after being on my feet for over 5 hours.

Surprisingly I wasn’t as tired as I thought I’d be in the morning and I made it through the entire day without napping. Last night I showed up at Reilly and Miranda’s to provide some support for the German team as they faced the nearly-impossible task of playing against a desperate Canadian hockey team filled with top NHL players. The Germans put up a good fight the whole way though and even managed to get a couple of pucks past Luongo. Their goalie made a great save against Sidney Crosby during a penalty shot, which I expect he’s quite proud of.

Now I’m chilling out and catching up on my blogging while my car’s getting it’s oil changed. Tonight we’re back at the Atlantic House for more music!

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