The Curse of Having It All (Quasi)

Just returned from Kimli and Ed’s housewarming party. They’ve got a great place over by the PNE grounds. Loads of space, superb kitchen with a huge marble-topped counter, and a perfect spot to entertain a pile of people. I ate my weight in cheese and cupcakes too. Oh, and I learned stuff too! Guinea hens (a.k.a. guineafowl) originate in Africa. There’s a strange story behind this fact but it’s fun to have an iPhone so we can look such things up when needed.

Today was mostly an errand day filled with haircuts and household shopping. My stand mixer finally appeared at Sears and I’m going to be a busy monkey baking things up in the coming weeks. I’m excited to be jumping into baking-land again. I haven’t done a whole lot of baking in the past few years but having my own kitchen again, despite being a bit on the small side, has got me thinking about cooking again. Plus I want to cut down on the eating out habit I’ve developed over a bunch of years of living downtown with great takeout on every block.

I did buy one more thing which I’ve been coveting for the past several years (I figure since about 2005 or so) and finally jumped on. Probably not exciting to anyone but me but I’m pretty excited! It will be covered in a future blog post when I have some pictures and some time to give y’all a proper explanation of my excitement.

Friday night Sharon, myself, and a pack of friends saw Astronautalis perform at the Biltmore. Dude is awesome and owned the stage! It’s tough to explain his sound. Maybe try Tom Waits doing rap, if that makes any sense. He was the first guy on stage that night, opening for the headliner and their other opening band. I thought he should have been the headliner. His show was the best of the three by far!

Music news: I picked up Quasi’s new Repulsion EP off iTues for $3. It’s the lead single off their forthcoming album and I’ve put in a pre-order at Kill Rock Stars so I can get the extra DVD that’s being given to pre-order purchasers. The song rocks! They’ve added a bassist and have gone to a more guitar-based sound so the new song is more rock than their previous work. If you want to hear some great music hit this up on iTunes. Can’t wait for the album to drop in my lap in a couple of weeks.

You can hear the song Revulsion by Quasi at the KEXP song of the day blog.

I should also mention that Quasi features drumming by the incredible Janet Weiss formerly of Sleater Kinney.

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