The Weekend Starts Here! (Sharp Teeth)

I had a fantastic weekend with Sharon. We spent most of it chilling with each other and Saturday night we went over to Chris and Rachel’s for a BBQ with a few friends. Chris BBQ’d up a couple of sides of salmon which were delicious!

Last Monday Shan scored tickets to the Vancouver-Buffalo hockey game and since Josh (her boyfriend) didn’t want to go I got to go check it out.We started at the Lennox on Granville for a bite and a pint and followed that up with a hotdog from Costco. Costco has this hotdog place that’s open to the outside and it gets filled with people looking for a quick pre-game snack. For $2 it’s a sweet deal and I felt like a kid again when we went in.

The game was exciting. Vancouver’s been on a tear recently and this was the first game since they blew out the Pittsburgh Penguins, who are the reigning Stanley Cup champions, 5-1 at GM Place. The Canucks outplayed the Sabres most of the game and kept hammering them right through the third period for the win. It was a great game to watch! Vancouver is heading out on the longest road trip in NHL history since GM Place is being outfitted for the Olympic games. We’ll have to see how they handle themselves with all the travelling.

Now that the Olympics are around the corner I’m seeing changes happening in our downtown. I was in Nester’s (the grocery store in the new Woodwards building) the other day and ran into a pile of people from a Swiss Olympic squad. Now on my walks to work I’m seeing all kinds of Olympic staff near the Convention Center. Signs for the road closures and Olympic routes have been put up and there’s even a security checkpoint on Waterfront Road that I’m watching as I write this! If they have 4 people sitting in sight of my balcony for 24 hours a day I can imagine there’s a mountain of other people who have been mobilized for Olympic security. I’m starting to get a sense of how much is involved in putting these Olympics on. At least it’s all done in a month and we can have our roads back!

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