Toe Nibbling Is Also Available, Free of Charge

Today is the opening ceremonies for the Olympics and I’ve been watching the buildup all week in downtown. On Wednesday I took a walk down Robson at lunchtime and saw 4 camera crews conducting interviews and filming news segments. CTV had also set up their Olympic desk on Robson by the HMV for their downtown Olympic coverage. Tourists and team members from different countries have been piling in and I’ve heard a variety of accents and foreign languages on my way home from work every day. Waterfront Station, our meeting point for both Skytrain lines and the Seabus, has been getting steadily busier to the point that I was shuffling through a dense crowd yesterday evening.

I heard they expect 100,000 people to arrive downtown for the opening ceremonies today and I’m gearing up for a zoo tonight. Fortunately our company is closing for the next two weeks and today is my last day of work until March. There are so many free music events going on in the next 2 weeks that I’m going to be busy watching bands the whole time. There’s at least one act I want to watch nearly every evening during the games,¬†particularly¬†at the Atlantic House on Granville Island where they’re showcasing a number of great bands from the Maritimes. Sharon knows most of the acts playing there and my cousin Bronwen in PEI had recommended most of them as well so I’m looking forward to discovering some new Canadian music.

Tonight we’re heading to Kimli’s place to watch the opening ceremonies. A pack of our friends had attended the dress rehearsal and it sounds like it’s going to be amazing. Reilly mentioned he had even teared up at one point when he was filled with an overwhelming sense of patriotism. Reilly’s not the kind of guy to get sucked into feeling patriotic so I’m terribly curious to find out what’s so special about our opening ceremonies.

So yay for the Olympics – I’m excited!

Outside of the Olympics I’ve had a relatively quiet week. Last night we went out to The Eatery, our favorite sushi place with an outrageous decor and creative sushi selections, to celebrate Reilly’s birthday. On the way there we ran into the torch relay and managed to find parking just minutes before a young girl bearing the torch moseyed past with an entourage of police and hype-men bellowing Olympic slogans to get the crowd worked up.

Wednesday night I met up with a friend of mine I knew from school in Edmonton for a beer at the Alibi Room. He’s working with the RCMP security detail for the Olympics and is staying just down the road on one of the boats that’s been turned into a hotel for Olympic-related staff. It was good to finally catch up – we hadn’t seen each other since about 2001 when he last showed up in Vancouver. I got to hear all the news from the Edmonton crowd and their adventures in marriages and baby-making.

Now I’m heading to the gym and then I’m going to get through my last day of work until March!

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