Domestic Bliss

There’s been a flu rampaging through our group of friends and I finally got hammered with it last week. Our band’s performance at Shan’s birthday was abbreviated since both Shan and Reilly were still sick. It was kinda nice to do a short 3-song set and both Shan and Reilly sounded great! We got a recording that we’ll put online when we get some time to mix it down. Keep an eye on the My Friend Lisa blog if you want to hear about it first:

So this weekend I took it easy. Spent loads of time chilling out with Sharon and cooking a small mountain of food. Now I’ve got a freezer full of lasagna, pizza, muffins, and pita bread. Oh, and chocolate cake too!

Saturday night Sharon and I saw the John Butler Trio at the Commodore. Great show! Three incredibly talented musicians who play a diverse range of music. Imagine Ben Harper but a little more worldly. The drummer was one of the most talented I’ve seen and even had a steel drum to add melody to a couple of songs.

I’ve never been one to embrace domesticity but this weekend I wallowed in domestic bliss and loved it!

Frightened Rabbit

Saw Frightened Rabbit tonight. They rocked! Whole bunch of people I knew showed up too and we all got to hang out and chat.

Frightened Rabbit are an indie band from Scotland and while I don’t listen to their recorded stuff too much (it’s kinda mellow) I like seeing them turn it up at their live shows. So good!

In other news I’ve been thinking a lot about financial planning lately. There’s a site at that I read often. Tonight I stumbled across an article which I found best summarizes my idea of retirement: An Interview with the Millionaire Next Door. I’ve been making lifestyle changes, slowly, over the past few months to help get me there and I’m excited about my push for financial freedom.

Northern Voice

Today was Northern Voice day! I blearily stumbled into UBC in time for the opening keynote by Chris Messina. He had some interesting things to say about accessibility to the web and the issues surrounding privacy and accessibility.

The first session featured a couple of journalists talking about how they use social media in their work now. Really interesting session. I didn’t realize that they used twitter in the newsroom to pick up on developing stories although it makes sense. They had a good story about following up on a shooting by digging through the shootee’s Facebook page and finding out that he had all these biker gang connections. They even got in touch with some of the guy’s Facebook friends for interviews and pulled pieces of the story out of them.

This afternoon was a batch of sessions that were more Q&A about social media and how it was affecting different industries. Knitting, for instance, has exploded since everyone’s been able to connect online and we got the perspectives of three people who’ve made careers in the knitting world because of it. Right now I’m in a room where four artists are explaining how they put their material out and market it through social media.

On a side note I’ve been finding it strange to be back in a school. Up until a couple of years ago I used to make it a point to be constantly taking courses at night to learn fun things like accounting (yes, you read correctly, I enjoy accounting). In the last couple of years I’ve found I’m more inclined to read a book and get my hands dirty instead of following a formal course structure. Things are more interesting to me that way and I find I get more out of actually doing instead of reading about doing. Being back in a school reinforced that I’m not really a “school” person anymore since I don’t get the same value out of it as I do just jumping into something.

Tonight we’re going to hook up at a friend’s place for after-NV beers and Thai food. Then I’ve got to hop by Matt’s place for his housewarming. I’ll be curious to see his place, especially since it’s just a few blocks from where Sharon lives.

Catherine MacLellan and the Olympic Symphonium

Just returned from seeing two great bands, Catherine MacLellan from PEI and the Olympic Symphonium from Fredericton. It was almost more of a combined show since both bands played with each other for most of the evening. Catherine’s coming back to the Folk Fest which I’m going to with Sharon and I’m excited to see Catherine play again. I remembered her last song from her set at the Atlantic House and it was one of my favorites.

The headliner was pretty bad though. They were talented, but the singer was some dude who was dressed up like a fancy lad from the 30’s and when they began the first song he broke out this ear-splitting yodel! Good thing there weren’t any dogs in the venue or they would have been howling. So we fled after two songs.

Otherwise it’s been a busy night. Monday our band rehearsed and Reilly and Shan put together a MGMT cover. Sounds good. I’ve got some ideas from drums but I’m not yet talented enough to pull them off. Need more practice!

Tuesday was the ABC meeting for our Amenities Building that’s part of our complex. Since I’m administering the music studios I’m involved in these meetings. I also took on the role of secretary, not only because I look hot in a skirt, but it’s good to help keep the minutes organized. Organization is what I do best these days. After I returned from the meeting and writing everything up I met Dave for a beer at the Alibi Room. The Alibi Room is the best pub in Vancouver because they bring in an ever-changing selection of esoteric beers from BC. Dave discovered they had another specialty brew list of beers brought in from other countries and so he asked for it. The waitress dropped a notepad off with several handwritten pages of beers from all over the world! We went for a Scotish beer that had been aged in oak whisky barrels. You could smell and taste the scotch in the beer and it was one of he best beers I’ve ever tasted.

Wednesday I hooked up with one of my co-workers, a former co-worker, and their girlfriends for dinner at a fancy-pants place in Yaletown called Lupo. Delicious Italian food and amazing desserts. Totally recommended if you want a tasty night out.

Last night Sharon and I went to the Hollywood Theatre to see Crazy Heart, the story of a washed up country singer who’s an alcoholic touring whatever bowling alley or pub will have him play. Fabulous film! Very well done. I won’t say much about it other than it’s well worth seeing.

And then tonight: 2 great bands and one terrible one. But a great time was had even if I did have to hear that the Canucks got pushed within one game of elimination with a 7-4 defeat at the hands of the Chicago Blackhawks, who put Vancouver out of the playoffs last year.

Tomorrow is the Northern Voice social media conference over at UBC. Should be fun! I enjoyed last year quite a bit. Then it’s our friend Matt’s housewarming.

Sunday I need to see about picking up the acoustic panels that have arrived at Tom Lee and installing them in the music studios in our building.

So a busy week! But good. I like busy… I feel more alive when things are happening.

Havin’ a Good Time at One Of Them Weddin’ Things

Our friend Tanya got married today. On a boat! We had a blast while the boat toured around False Creek and I got to chill out and see everyone. It’ll be the last time I see Tanya for a while since she and Barry have moved to Calgary where he’s from. She had a crazy awesome dress too. One of the coolest and most unique dresses I’ve ever seen.

I was a little wound up from work and stuff the last couple of weeks but I’m feeling pretty mellow again after hanging out with everyone tonight. Thanks peeps!

Tomorrow I’m hooking up with Tamara for dim sum. Then I’ll check out Got Craft where Miranda and Kimli are selling cool things. Got Craft is one of the neatest things to check out. Everything’s funky and super-artistic. Not traditional crafts like your Grandmother would be into. More like fun things that are cool and interesting to some punk like me. Finally I’ll be picking Sharon up from the ferry when she returns from her visit to Victoria.

So I should get some sleep! Or should I watch another episode of The Office, my latest addiction (thankfully coming to an end since I’m halfway through season 5)?