Domestic Bliss

There’s been a flu rampaging through our group of friends and I finally got hammered with it last week. Our band’s performance at Shan’s birthday was abbreviated since both Shan and Reilly were still sick. It was kinda nice to do a short 3-song set and both Shan and Reilly sounded great! We got a recording that we’ll put online when we get some time to mix it down. Keep an eye on the My Friend Lisa blog if you want to hear about it first:

So this weekend I took it easy. Spent loads of time chilling out with Sharon and cooking a small mountain of food. Now I’ve got a freezer full of lasagna, pizza, muffins, and pita bread. Oh, and chocolate cake too!

Saturday night Sharon and I saw the John Butler Trio at the Commodore. Great show! Three incredibly talented musicians who play a diverse range of music. Imagine Ben Harper but a little more worldly. The drummer was one of the most talented I’ve seen and even had a steel drum to add melody to a couple of songs.

I’ve never been one to embrace domesticity but this weekend I wallowed in domestic bliss and loved it!

One thought on “Domestic Bliss”

  1. Domesticity seems to suit you somewhat! Sounds like you and the lady are having a great time. I am a bit concerned about the rhyming names mind you…Darren and Sharon. Hmmm…matching outfits are around the corner me thinks :) LOL!!!

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