Havin’ a Good Time at One Of Them Weddin’ Things

Our friend Tanya got married today. On a boat! We had a blast while the boat toured around False Creek and I got to chill out and see everyone. It’ll be the last time I see Tanya for a while since she and Barry have moved to Calgary where he’s from. She had a crazy awesome dress too. One of the coolest and most unique dresses I’ve ever seen.

I was a little wound up from work and stuff the last couple of weeks but I’m feeling pretty mellow again after hanging out with everyone tonight. Thanks peeps!

Tomorrow I’m hooking up with Tamara for dim sum. Then I’ll check out Got Craft where Miranda and Kimli are selling cool things. Got Craft is one of the neatest things to check out. Everything’s funky and super-artistic. Not traditional crafts like your Grandmother would be into. More like fun things that are cool and interesting to some punk like me. Finally I’ll be picking Sharon up from the ferry when she returns from her visit to Victoria.

So I should get some sleep! Or should I watch another episode of The Office, my latest addiction (thankfully coming to an end since I’m halfway through season 5)?

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