It has been ridiculously busy

There’s been a bit of a crunch at work so I’ve been doing quite a bit of overtime. Between work, Sharon, the band, and administering the music room in our building, I haven’t had much time for anything else. Most evenings are booked and this morning is a nice clear 3-hour window for me to finally get the Saltspring Island photos online and catch up on blogging.

Saltspring was amazing! Sharon and I chilled right out for 4 days camped just off the water at Ruckle Park (the most beautiful campsite in BC). There was tasty food, much exploring, and a very laid-back pace to our days as we adjusted to “island time.” Met some interesting locals, checked out the market, and spent heaps of time investigating the different parks and beaches.

When I got back I wound up in an 80 hour week at work so island time quickly disappeared. This weekend I’m doing some kayaking with Dave and attending a BBQ in honor of our friend Trevor’s birthday tonight.

My sister made a quick trip west from Winnipeg last weekend and we managed to meet up in Hope for lunch at an excellent little restaurant called Home. Looks like she might be working for an airline company soon so she decided to take a bit of time to do some visiting and let Rayo, her husband from Dubai, explore some of western Canada. He’s a cool guy and I always enjoy spending time chatting with him.

Now I need to get my laundry done and sort out my gear for kayaking tomorrow.