When Universes Collide

I’m in the home stretch of my last batch of concert tickets. Friday Sharon and I went to the Commodore to see gypsy-punk band Gogol Bordello rock out. This was probably the most high-energy show I’ve seen all year! Eugene Hutz, the band leader, was entertaining as always and their new MC, Pedro Erazo, kept things at a furious pace too.

Next Friday we’re going to go see the Paper Lions, a really cool band from PEI. Then Dan Mangan is coming to the Vogue on Nov 11. Finally I’m getting to see Nick Cave when he comes to the Commodore with Grinderman on Nov 26.

Last night Sharon, her roommate Michelle and I found ourselves at the Comedy Mix to see Debra DiGiovanni give us her take on sex, relationships, and Justin Beiber. Incredibly funny! She’s awesome!

Today was incredibly exciting — I baked muffins and then I cleaned the kitchen from top to bottom. There is never a quiet moment in the house of Darren. haha.

There’s a different breed of rock band out there in Oklahoma City

Moving into the backlog of things I want to share from the past month, there were a couple of fantastic shows in Sept/Oct. First off was The Flaming Lips! They have been one of my all-time favorite live bands ever since I saw them play the Plaza of Nations on their Yoshimi tour many years ago. The September show was my sixth Lips experience and it was one of the best yet.

The show started as it always does, with Wayne (the singer and bandleader) rolling across the crowd in a clear, giant inflatable ball. You can see his hampster ball walk on youtube if you’re curious: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4frLhgF0YQ4.

From there the band played a bunch of new material from the Embryonic album. I never got into the album too much but it all sounds great live! Wayne had a bunch of new tricks for this show. My favorite: some dude came out dressed in a bear costume and hoisted Wayne up on his shoulders where the two of them rocked out for an entire song. Then there was the outrageous amount of confetti blasted over the crowd by the enormous confetti cannons on stage.

Flaming Lips shows always have so many things going on that it’s hard to take it all in. With confetti, oversized balloons, costumed people dancing onstage, and the giant screen projecting psychedelic video while the band plays, it can be overwhelming. I love this band. I hope they come back soon.

Superchunk – My War!

Saw Superchunk, a 90’s band who’s members are responsible for founding Merge Records, home of bands such as Arcade Fire. Awesome show! Sharon and I parked ourselves up front after the opening band finished. It was at the Biltmore and since that place is so small and the stage is so low it felt like we were seeing them play in someone’s basement. The band even commented about it.

Mac (the singer) and Laura (the bassist) were bouncing around the whole time. Drummer was incredible. Reminded me of seeing Dave Grohl at Richards back in the day when he was touring with Queens of the Stone Age. At the end Mac and the drummer, John, traded places mid-song and jumped into a jam of Black Flag’s My War which is one of my all-time favorite songs. Then John led the band through a Misfits cover to close out the main set. Two encores later and we were ecstatic to have seen a band I never thought I’d get the chance to see live.

I haven’t been writing here as much the past few months. Work’s kept me pretty busy and I’ve felt like life’s been a little too hectic for me. So I’ve slowed down the pace a bit. In fact I probably won’t be going to many more shows past the ones I already have tickets too.

Time for sleep!