When Universes Collide

I’m in the home stretch of my last batch of concert tickets. Friday Sharon and I went to the Commodore to see gypsy-punk band Gogol Bordello rock out. This was probably the most high-energy show I’ve seen all year! Eugene Hutz, the band leader, was entertaining as always and their new MC, Pedro Erazo, kept things at a furious pace too.

Next Friday we’re going to go see the Paper Lions, a really cool band from PEI. Then Dan Mangan is coming to the Vogue on Nov 11. Finally I’m getting to see Nick Cave when he comes to the Commodore with Grinderman on Nov 26.

Last night Sharon, her roommate Michelle and I found ourselves at the Comedy Mix to see Debra DiGiovanni give us her take on sex, relationships, and Justin Beiber. Incredibly funny! She’s awesome!

Today was incredibly exciting — I baked muffins and then I cleaned the kitchen from top to bottom. There is never a quiet moment in the house of Darren. haha.

One thought on “When Universes Collide”

  1. I saw Debra on Last Comic Standing last season and she was so hilarious! She is definitely a comic I would love to see in person, so I am soooo jealous.

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