Dan Mangan, The Burning Hell, and The Crackling

Saw three really great bands tonight. Dan Mangan was headlining at the Vogue and his backing band are also in a band called The Crackling, who were cool to watch. Bah, having a tough time finding words to describe. Am tired. Anyhow, The Crackling is fronted by Dan’s drummer and Dan actually hopped on drums for them during one song.

The Burning Hell went on next. They’re from Ontario and are fronted by this quirky dude who plays¬†ukulele. Again, hard to describe so I’ll steal words from their website: “The essence of The Burning Hell is music to dance to while laughing about death, music you can sing along to while smiling out of the side of your mouth, knowing that while the end may be near, the bar is still open.”

Sharon is a big fan of Dan Mangan, who is a local artist. He’s sold out 2 nights at the Vogue so he’s popular but not someone I’ve listened to. I’ll have to check some more out because his music is really good! He knows how to build a song into a small explosion and then bring it back down to a soft acoustic tune.

I’m very tired so I’m quitting writing this now.

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