No Beer Until the New Year (and No Meat Anymore)

For the past several years I’ve been playing with the idea of going vegetarian. There’s a bunch of heath benefits and I’ve never been interested in cooking meat at home anyway. Sharon’s a vegetarian so it seemed like an opportune time for me to cut out the few pieces of meat that I¬†occasionally¬†eat too. I’m about a month in now. There’s been a couple of meat dishes in there when I was out and couldn’t find non-veggie options, but whatever, I’m basically a vegetable chewing hippie now.

I’m also trying to shed another inch of fat. In 2007 my weight had crept up to 185 lbs and I was having to buy 34″ waistline jeans. During the summer of 2008 I got my fattening ass into the gym and worked myself down to 175lbs and a 33″ waist. I’ve held steady there ever since but now I want to drop back to a 32″ waist, which is where I was back in 2003ish when I was more active.

So how do I get back to that size? After going through a running/gym phase last spring without any weight change it’s become clear that I’m going to have to improve my diet and cut back my calorie intake. Ditching meat, fatty foods, and beer should do it. In the past month I’ve done exactly that and it’s been pretty painless. I don’t eat out as much and the food I make at home is healthier than anything I could get anywhere else anyway.

The bonus to not eating out? I’m saving cash! I have a Google spreadsheet where I track all my expenses and I’m on target for the cheapest month I’ve had all year! Not buying concert tickets (save for the 2 x $12 tickets to the Mint Records Xmas Party on Dec 3) has helped out a bunch too.

Given my activity level has ramped up (2 x gym visits + 3 x runs every week) again I don’t really feel like drinking beer anyway. Not that I was some outrageous beer-guzzling monster (despite photos that suggest otherwise).

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