Poor Ol’ Broken Hearted Me

Saw The Trews acoustic show at the Vogue tonight. Didn’t realize they wrote a pile of hit songs. Sharon’s a big fan and this was her 7th show or something. Band rocked, even though they were acoustic. Stuck in some covers in the middle of a couple of songs. My favorite was their cover of Led Zeppelin’s When the Levee Breaks. They did 2 sets, the first with the regular band and the second with the Tim Chaisson, who opened the show, and a couple of other players. The second set was more diverse since they had Tim on the fiddle and this big bearded dude on accordion. Enjoyed both sets!

Last weekend’s band (I say this because we seem to be going to a show every week) was the Paper Lions and Bend Sinister. I forget the name of the headliner, but we were there to see the Paper Lions who’ve put out a new EP that’s destined to become one of my most listened to this fall. Bend Sinister is a local band who sound a little like Supertramp, but way, way better. I don’t like Supertramp but these guys were fantastic. I got their new EP as well and it’s been played heavily ever since. Paper Lions were great to see again (they had previously opened for the Electric Six show we saw earlier this year) too.

What was fun about the Paper Lions show was it was the last stop on the tour for the 3 bands so they were all hopping on stage with one another while the crowd got pretty wild. It was at the university bar so there was more people having a good time than you see at most Vancouver shows.

And now, I sleep.

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