Is This THE END?

I’ve been streamlining my life over the past couple of months and anything that I’m no longer using is being shipped out the door. As part of the downsizing processĀ I’m trying to decide if I should stick with this music thing or not. I’ve barely had any ambition to practice and my drum kit has seen little use since I dropped out of My Friend Lisa.

There’s a few things I’m digging into right now, most notably a fantastic English grammar book called Rex Barks as well as everything to do with Ruby and Rails (geek computer stuff). When I have some free time it’s the English or the Ruby that win out, practicing drums always takes a backseat.

It’s not that I dislike drumming but I’m not going to put in the time to practice regularly so I can get better. So if I’m not practicing and not interested in being in a band then what’s the point?

I’m not sure if I’m ready to abandon my once-bright musical dreams. It’s a big decision and ditching all my gear means that it’ll be tough to get back into it if I decide I want to take it up again. So I need to sit back and carefully consider this over the next couple of weeks, or even months.

I had one hell of a great time with My Friend Lisa though. I miss jamming with those guys.

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