Bend Sinister Is One of Vancouver’s Best Bands

On my way home from a grocery run tonight I heard Bend Sinister’s song Things Will Get Better on The Peak. I saw Bend Sinister a few months back when they played at UBC with the Paper Lions (another of my favorites who I discovered last year) and was totally hooked. Their sound is something like an updated Supertramp. Before you think I’ve lost my mind, realize that I don’t like Supertramp at all but Bend Sinister takes their sound and makes it amazing.

There’s a video of them on Edmonton’s Breakfast Television show where they play that same song. Skip forward to the 5:00 minute mark if you want to get straight there, otherwise enjoy their opening song, Change Your Mind, that I quite like too.

Tomorrow Dave rolls in to give me a hand putting new shelves and such into my closets. I’ll be able to hang stuff up in my place!┬áPandemonium! Dogs and cats living together!

2 thoughts on “Bend Sinister Is One of Vancouver’s Best Bands”

  1. glad to hear you dig the tunes! Im playing a solo piano show this feb 11th at the Helm a new restaurant/venue on davie and howe. come check it out!

  2. Hey Dan,

    The new tunes are awesome! Spring Romance has been in heavy rotation since we picked it up at the UBC show.

    I’m already committed to the Sebadoh/Quasi show at the Rickshaw on Feb 11. I’ll keep an eye out for upcoming events though. Thx for the heads up!

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