I’m Totally Wired!

I haven’t updated in about a month so this will be a grab-bag of stuff that happened. Was in Vernon over Christmas, had good times there. Saw cool people, hung out with my Mom, and took it easy. I came back with Dave and Joy, who flew in from Japan to visit her family in Vernon and then to Vancouver to run around with everyone down here. Lots of fun. New Years at Ben and Michaels for an interesting night. Black Frog the next night to send Joy back off to Tokyo.

Changes for the new year? Well, I’m rocking solid on the vegetarian thing. I did chow a bit of meat over the break and I expect I’ll do so from time to time in the future, but I’m basically off meat. This week I’ve been eating lots of quinoa, beans, and rice. Am feeling much more energetic for it too. Probably because I have 1000% more vegetables and fruits than I normally do. I’m back in the gym too. Once that routine is in place again I intend to get back into running once more. The theme this year is health and fitness.

I had said that I would be cutting back on shows and I am, except for 2 upcoming: Wire at the Rickshaw in April and Quasi opening for Sebadoh on Feb 11. Can’t miss Quasi and definitely can’t miss Wire! I recently discovered Wire’s Read and Burn 01 album which has one of the greatest punk songs of all time (my opinion) on it. Song’s called “I Don’t Understand” and builds nicely into a frenzy.

For learning, I’m going to keep ripping through Rex Barks, my English grammar text. Then I have my Ruby and Rails to keep my busy.

Still not planning on any music for the time being. It may be a year or two before I jump back into those waters, but I’m not thinking that far ahead so who knows.

2 thoughts on “I’m Totally Wired!”

  1. Dad thought about becoming a vegetarian, for enviromental reasons. It takes about 10 tims more land to produce meat, than it does plants. One persons probably can’t make a difference, but than again, that is all we can do as humans, we can only change our own behaviour.

    You should run a marathon, or at least try to train for one, even if its just 10km. And your next goal could be to run up that Mt, I think its called Grouse!

  2. It does make a significant difference to the world become vegetarian for sure!

    Running up Grouse would be quite the challenge. It’s basically a steep climb the whole way. If you make a trip out here one summer we’ll totally go do it and I can make you run the whole way up, haha.

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