It’s Been One Year

Today marks Sharon and my first anniversary of being a couple! We’re going to go out for dinner tonight and spend the evening together.

So much has happened in the last year. Looking back on 2010 I hit a number of significant life changes. I started work with a new company, got a new girlfriend, spent the first year in my newly-purchased condo, quit playing drums (and quit the excellent band known as My Friend Lisa), embraced a vegetarian diet, and made the first moves towards a more minimalist lifestyle. Oh and I quit biting my nails too. That’s a habit I’ve had ever since I can remember and it’s finally been broken.

Not much has happened in the meantime. I’ve been feeling a little blah so I haven’t got up to much outside of the eat/sleep/work routine.

Listening to the Paper Lions EP from last year, Trophies. I think it was one of the best releases of 2010 and it remains in heavy rotation in my playlist. What other bands put out great albums last year?  Hannah Georgas, Paper Lions, Bend Sinister, Quasi, and the Corin Tucker Band.

Most anticipated album for 2011: Wild Flag, Janet and Carrie from Sleater-Kinney with friends. Should be amazing. Strange trivia: Mary Timony and Carrie, both in Wild Flag, where once in a Priceline commercial starring William Shatner. They were Bill’s backing band while he covered Two Tickets to Paradise.

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