Rdio.com is my new music hookup

I finally jumped on to rdio.com with a $5 a month subscription which lets me stream whatever music I want from their site. What I like most is you can see what your friends are listening to and discover new music that way. In the past week I’ve been turned on to the new Dead Weather album (so awesome!) and some new bands: Slartybarfast, Blood Red Shoes, and a shoegazer/wall-of-sound band called Darker My Love. There are some albums by Mercury Rev and Gang of Four that I’ve finally listened to as well. I should’ve been listening to both those bands years ago but didn’t bother for whatever reason.

The biggest win with rdio is I can listen to new music immediately. So the other day I was thinking, “I should check out Mercury Rev.” Normally I’d go to their myspace page and give them a listen and maybe download an album to see if I like it. Now I just hop onto rdio, do a search, and satisfy my curiosity right away. No more messing around trying to find albums on torrent sites or digging though a disjointed pile of songs on a myspace playlist.

There are some albums that aren’t on rdio. Tegan and Sara albums before The Con are all missing and there’s no Paper Lions to speak of. Paper Lions I can understand, but really, So Jealous isn’t on your music list? Let’s hope they fix that soon. TheseĀ omissionsĀ aren’t terrible though. I still have my iTunes with my favorite albums and I use that when I’m at home. Rdio is more a tool of discovery for me.

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