Pearl Jam 20

Last night we wheeled up to theĀ EsplanadeĀ 6 theater in North Vancouver to see the Pearl Jam 20 film. The film was only played on Sept 20 at 7pm and anyone who missed it will have to wait for the DVD release on October 24. It covers Pearl Jam’s 20 year history with a heap of archival footage and interviews.

They would have been a wild band to see when the got started out. Their shows were high-energy and Eddie would climb onto lighting racks and speaker towers, often to jump into the crowd below. Check out this clip from their first Pink Pop Festival appearance in 1992. There was some good footage of them yelling at MTV execs at the Singles release party and many of their early shows. Everyone there was happy to see a clip from Pearl Jam’s first show at the Town Pump in Vancouver where Eddie was getting worked up about the bouncers roughing up some kid in the crowd.

The theater even brought in a young, likely local, band to do a few PJ covers before the film. Neat band. Drummer played like Animal off The Muppets.