How long can this blizzard of shame go on?

I’ve been looking forward to the Rum Diary film which is based of the book by Hunter S. Thompson. It was well done and I won’t say anything to spoil it other than to say I enjoyed it immensely.

After the show we wandered into the Legion on Commercial since it was just down the road from the Rio Theater. Interesting place with a spectrum of characters starting at young hipsters through to old veterans. Tall cans of Pilsner were on for $4.50, a hell of a deal these days, and we got an entry into a draw for a Pilsner longboard (skateboard) with every can we bought.

On the way home I got into a bit of a confrontation with some metalhead who was being arrogant about his taste in music. Apparently those guys don’t take it too well when you tell them that Gordon Lightfoot’s lyrics were heavier than any metal they could dish out. I also said something about Nickleback being a superior band which didn’t help things.

Looks like there’s a breakfast plan being put together. Haven’t done breakfast out in a long long time. My Mom flies into town this afternoon too so I’ll be hanging out with her when she arrives.

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