Quick update on the heels of a fantastic Kaiser Chiefs show

I just got home from the Kaiser Chiefs at the Commodore. Fantastic show! Tight band, singer really knows how to work a crowd. Near the end he wandered over to the side bar, stood up on it, and belted out a song after knocking back a shot that the bartender handed him.

A couple of weeks ago Sharon won tickets to the Trews show at the Vogue Theatre. It was a meet-and-greet package thing so after they figured out how to get us in (apparently the promoter was the one handing out the prize but never bothered to tell anyone working with the band!) we got to watch soundcheck and then go have a quick chat with the band before having our photo taken together! Band guys were super-friendly and I suppose that’s because they’re from the east coast.

Their show that night was outstanding. Sharon’s seen them 10 times now (this is only my 3rd Trews show) and it was one of the best she’s seen too.

There’s a song off the last album called “If You Wanna Start Again” which is a slower one but it’s become one of my favorites. Seeing it live cemented it for me.

There’s a couple of shows coming up and tomorrow I’m going to run to Red Cat records to score some tickets to the Polyphonic Spree on April 7.

…and now I sleep!