Sharon and I are hanging out in a swanky resort (Black Rock Resort) in Ucluelet for Josh and Shan’s wedding this weekend. We got here a bit early so we could enjoy some of the west coast and so far it’s been fantastic!

We drove in yesterday, stopping along the way to see the attractions at Coombs where they have a little tourist market featuring goats grazing on grass roofs of all the buildings. Sadly, it was too early in the season for the goats to be out. Still, we got to chat with a number of locals and explore some funky shops.

After Coombs we explored Cathedral Grove, one of my favorite places along the drive since it features a good chunk of old-growth forest.

Largest Tree

Our last stop along the way was at a place colloquially known as “The Rocks” where a river has worn down a large swath of rock. Whenever I’m going through I stop and get out to climb around on the rocks and take pictures.


Late in the afternoon we arrived at the Black Rock to find ourselves in a fancypants resort. Our room is fabulous and we’ve got a view right out onto the waves crashing over the rocky shoreline.

Dave was in Tofino overnight on a bus run (he drives for Tofino Bus) so we headed over to see him and wound up in The Shelter for dinner and to watch the Canucks hockey game. Canucks won although we didn’t stay for the third period. I was starting to fade after driving all day and had to drive back to Ucluelet in the rainy night. Shelter is a superb restaurant too and it’s been a few years since I’ve been there. Dave’s planning to move back to Tofino so I’m hoping to be out again before the year is out.

This morning I got up at 7 and went for a short run along the Wild Coast trail, which runs right through the resort. Beautiful place with plenty of lookouts where you can see the waves crashing into the rocks on the shore. Sharon and I spent the morning wandering along the 8km trail with plenty of stops to take pictures.

That evening we headed back to Tofino to fill up our growler of Tofino Brewing beer at the brewery. Place is so cool! It’s basically a brewery built into an industrial garage just outside of town. There’s a counter in the front corner where you can sample the beers and get your jugs refilled.

After the brewery it was time to explore the town a little bit. Sharon’s only been out to the west coast once, briefly, some years ago so I figured we ought to have a proper tour. We got to check out my favorite bookstore in the world, Mermaid Tales, where we picked up some new books and had a long talk with the lady behind the counter. Turns out she knows Dave! She’s also part of the new Tofino roller derby team, The Black Pearls.

Finally we headed back to the Black Rock, after stopping at Long Beach to see the surf, and had a beer with Reilly and the gang. I also dropped off the melodica that we picked up for him in Coombs and that started a jam session with Jason on the melodica doing blues covers.

Now it’s Friday morning, sunny, and we’re planning to get out for more hiking.