Where’s My Parade?

Wednesday night was the last night we went out with Joy and friends before she headed out of town and the Drag Queen Bingo night at Celebrities nightclub seemed like a hot ticket.

Drag Queen Bingo is hilariously fun! The main drag queen, Joan-E, is a towering creature with a repertoire of dirty jokes and innuendos. She also doesn’t take any guff from anyone who gets out of line or screws something up. One poor guy mistakenly called bingo and had to wear an Anne Of Green Gables hat with pigtails.

Our table had 3 bingo wins which I think was almost half the prizes. We owned it!

The thing I like most is that this is a charity event for The Friends for Life Society which helps people who have a terminal illness. So far the Wednesday night bingo events have raised over $275,000 for the charity!

I’m glad Joy made it out to Vancouver for a few days. I had a great time hanging out and exchanging music and cultural notes. She introduced me to Margaret Cho’s infamous “Am I gay? Am I straight?” act. I also found out about a new indie rock band from Versailles called Phoenix. Chill beats. I like them!

Last night I took the first of 4 bike maintenance courses at Pedal Depot where I learned about bearings, hubs, and the rotational systems on a bike. This culminated with everybody disassembling, re-greasing, and reassembling a wheel hub. I learned a lot (in fact I was feeling a little drained at the end) and feel like I have a better understanding how my bike works. I’m looking forward to the next session!

Now I’m going to pack up to head to Vernon for the weekend to visit my Mom and catch some Okanagan sun.

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