Alan Doyle Trio – St. James Hall – Wed Feb 6, 2013

Sharon and I were in Halifax last summer and we were able to catch Alan Doyle’s show on our first night. He’s the lead singer from Great Big Sea and had just released a solo album. He was joined by Kendel Carson and Cory Tetford for the show. Since then, they’ve toured extensively and now call themselves the Alan Doyle Trio. On Wednesday they came back to Vancouver to play at St. James Hall.

Cory Tetford has become one of my favorite guitarists ever since we saw him in Halifax. We were lucky enough to see him at the Lower Deck doing covers with Paul Lamb one night and managed to chat with him for a bit in between sets. Super nice dude. Incredibly talented guitar player from Newfoundland.

Kendel Carson is a young, upcoming fiddle player from BC who we last saw when she joined the Deep Dark Woods for a couple songs at the Biltmore about a year back. Like Cory, she’s very, very talented. She plays in Dustin Bentall’s band andused to play with a band called Outlaw Social.

The venue, St. James Hall in Kitsilano, is an old church and was the perfect setting for an east coast music show. Alan Doyle came out dressed in black, “my most priestly outfit”, he said and continued making comments about playing in a church for the rest of the show. The church talk reached it’s peak when he introduced the song Straight to Hell and worried that he might be struck ┬áby a bolt of lightning.

My favorite memory was of the dirtbag handlebar mustache he had grown since we last saw him. After his first few songs he finally told us the story, since he knew we were all wondering about it. He was cast in a film that required him to grow the mustache and there was one scene he had to finish shooting when he returned from this tour and he wouldn’t be able to shave until the scene was complete. This led to many jokes about adult film in the 70’s, during which Cory threw in a skanky guitar solo to set the mood.

My favorite song — a cover of John Cougar Mellencamp’s Paper in Fire where Kendel’s fiddling really took it over the top. It was my best memory from the Halifax show too and I was excited to hear it again.

I’m hoping he comes back with the same band again. I know I’ll be there.

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