Beneath the Valley of the Underdog (Mudhoney)

Welcome everyone! Since I’m taking this summer off I thought I’d set up a blog to keep everybody updated on all my adventures.

This weekend promises to be pretty chill. I was out at the Hastings Racetrack yesterday afternoon for our company’s corporate event. The racetrack taught me that gambling on horses is a sucker’s game. If I bet the favorites to show, which is a conservative bet with one of the best chances of winning, I’ll wind up winning $0.60 on $4.00, which equates to 15%. But your odds of winning on that bet are roughly 50% (not an accurate number, I just made an educated guess from the 3 or 4 races I watched) which means you’ll lose your whole stake half the time! Gambling is for suckers!

I’ve always thought the real way to win at gambling is to own the gambling medium, such as the horsetrack.

After gambling and catching up with everyone from work I headed down to Dadeo to meet the North Shore crew for some of the best cajun food in town. They also have a killer key lime pie that I had to take down, despite my stomach being so full it was beginning to hurt.

Once we’d gorged ourselves on cajun we all piled into Tanya’s place for some rock band action. I actually drummed and did not too bad. 78% on easy, which is awesome for me. I don’t own rock band so I rarely get a chance to play it, preferring instead to play the real drums that I took up this spring.

Back to this blog. I’ve just thrown up a “theme” that looks half-decent in order to get the site running. I can clean it and make it pretty later. Most people use RSS feeds to monitor blogs anyway so the site’s look is irrelevant for these people.

Now I think I’m going to hop on the bike and do some riding before it gets too hot out.